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About our Matwork and Studio Equipment classes

Group Matwork Classes

We run group matwork classes in Westbury Park, and Chew Valley. Our mat courses run for 10 weeks continuously throughout the year. We cater for all levels and our classes are taught in small groups.

Level 1

This Pilates class is suitable for complete beginners or someone who has only attended a few classes.

Level 2

This Pilates class is suitable for someone who has done some Pilates and is looking for a bit more of a challenge.

Level 3

This is a faster paced Pilates class aimed at someone who has a lot of Pilates experience and is looking for an even greater challenge.

Level 4

This is our most advanced Pilates class and particularly suited to someone with good knowledge of all the original Pilates repertoire and also likes a challenging and flowing class.


A barre class combines the framework of ballet techniques with Pilates for increased flexibility and strength.  It is a fun, energising class which will give you a full body workout.  Barre is accessible to everyone and there’s no need to have any previous movement experience.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa means linking body movement to breath ‘to place in a special way’.  Every class is linked to one of the 4 elements, Earth, Water, Fire & Air corresponding to opening different parts of the physical body to link body, mind and spirit.

Hatha Flow Yoga

This is an energising and fluid class with an emphasis on holding poses for longer and synchronising movement with breath.  All poses are offered in stages starting from beginners to more advanced levels giving students an opportunity to choose the right one for them.  The class will finish with regenerating practices and shavasana/deep relaxation pose.

Studio Equipment Classes

At our Westbury Park studio and Chew Valley studio we have a more personal experience with studio equipment based Pilates. The exercises and intensity are carefully tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

The exercises are performed on a Reformer, Cadillac and split pedal stability chairs. We also work with smaller pieces of equipment such as balls, bands, foam rollers, and Arc Barrels.

The Reformer

This is the most popular and versatile piece of Pilates equipment. The carriage glides on rails, moving in response to the use of attached springs, pulleys and ropes. The reformer facilitates hundreds of strengthening and stretching exercises.

The Cadillac

This is a raised horizontal table topped by a four- poster canopy frame on which bars, straps and springs are attached. A wide variety of exercises can be performed on the Cadillac. From gentle, spring assisted movement to advanced acrobatics.

The Chair

This is a box with 4 springs and a split pedal. The exercises enhance stability, balance and body control. It focuses on upper and lower body strength and conditioning and makes the chair a great tool for improving general fitness.

Reformer Classes

At our Chew Valley studio we run reformer classes.  These classes are based on and around the reformer. We also use smaller pieces of equipment like balls, bands and magic circles.  Reformer classes are taught 1:1, 2:1 and 4:1 so the exercises can be tailored to your individual needs. These classes will give you a full body workout and are often taught with more speed which makes them dynamic and fun.  There is also a focus on balance and functional movement.



1:1 sessions are available for matwork, please contact us for more information.

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