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Has Pilates made me taller?

The Question?

Since I started teaching 8 years ago this is a question I have been asked many times. The question normally comes as a result of a client going to their G.P and their G.P deciding to measure them while they are there and discovering they have grown since the last time they were measured. The question they are asked is why they think this has happened and what they are doing that is different since they were last in? The answer is Pilates. They then end up coming to me to ask the question – Has Pilates made me taller?

The Answer

Yes – I believe it has. As we get older the curves that make up the S shape of our spine can become exaggerated. This can result in our upper backs and shoulders becoming more rounded and our lower backs more curved. This can shorten the spine. Pilates exercises work on strengthening the muscles that support and stabilize the spine, the postural muscles in the upper back and help to open the chest. This helps to lengthen the spine improving your Posture and Alignment. Pilates also helps you to become more aware of your posture and when you become aware you start to naturally correct it.

I was delighted to find out recently that I too have grown at least an inch taller since I started attending and teaching Pilates. Let me know if you or someone you know has had a similar experience?

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