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Top 10 Benefits of Pilates

There are many benefits of Pilates. Some of the benefits will be more important to you as an individual than others.

These are my top 10:

Helps to Strengthen your muscles and bones

Improves your Flexibility

Helps Correct Muscle Activation

Improves Imbalances in your body

Improves your Posture and Alignment

Gives you Greater Body Awareness

Helps you to have Better Body Control

Improves your Balance and Coordination

Helps with Stress Relief and Relaxation

Gives you More Energy

Well these are my top 10. What are your top benefits? You don’t need to let me know your top ten but maybe your personal top 1 or 2? It would be great to know.

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  1. Sarah Hazell says:

    My top 3:-
    Keeps joints mobile
    Improves posture and alignment
    Helps to relieve stress

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