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Can Pilates help me to lose weight?

The Question?

This is a question I often get asked by my clients, particularly by new clients who have just started Pilates and are looking at improving their general fitness and changing their current lifestyle.

The Answer

Yes – From my experience of working with clients for many years and seeing their bodies change shape, I believe it can help you to lose weight.

This is partly down to starting to attend regular Pilates sessions, these sessions include exercises to help strengthen and tone muscles, making them stronger, leaner and longer. I also think this is because when people start to attend Pilates regularly they become more aware of their bodies and start to feel good about themselves. This seems to lead to them eating better and leading healthier lives. This change in their body shape and attitude towards their health seems to happen naturally.

When I have a break from teaching Pilates I always find that once I start to exercise again, I automatically start to eat more healthily and I definitely start to feel much better about myself. How do you feel when you have a break? I’d love to hear.

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