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My 9 Day Cleanse


I normally start each new year with a dry January – no alcohol for one month.  This is because for me it always feels like a good start to the new year ahead.  This year I decided to do the ‘Clean 9’ by Forever Living. This is a 9 day cleanse, which comes in a box with all the things you need for your cleanse and some clear instructions to follow.  I decided to try this because I now sell Forever Living products and I thought it would be a good idea to try the product before I started recommending it to anyone. I also thought 9 days! That must be much easier to stick to than a whole month of cutting something out!

My aims were…

  1. Have more Energy
  2. Sort out my digestive system
  3. Feel well again – After three months at the end of 2014 of coughs, colds, stomach bugs etc I just wanted to feel healthy again

Day One

Took my measurements for chest, bicep, waist, hips, thighs, calves and my weight.  On days one and two of the cleanse you have supplements, aloe vera gel and a shake to take.  On days three-nine you have the same plus an extra shake and a 600 calorie meal. There is also a list of free foods to have in moderation if you get hungry.  At first it felt a bit like a military operation, you had to fit in breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner and something in the evening. I had chosen the chocolate milkshake which I mixed with almond milk, at first it tasted a bit like play-dough!  You are also recommended to do half hour of exercise every day, quite a low level on the first two days as you aren’t eating very much, but progressively increasing as time goes on.  I did a half hour of Pilates mat work at home which I really enjoyed.  I managed to stick to the programme all day and just felt a little hungry in the evening but that soon passed.  I didn’t end up eating any of the free foods.

Day Two

I woke up with a bit of a headache, not sure if this was from the toxins starting to come out or just because I was recovering from another cold!  I found the routine easier to follow today.  I tried a different way of mixing the shake to stop getting bits of dry powder in it, as I had the day before. I found keeping busy helped to take my mind off not being able to eat and getting hungry, so I decided to clean my house which gave me a bit of exercise too! I also did another half hour of Pilates on a mat at home.  I ate a couple of pieces of fruit from my  free food list.  I did notice in the evening that my skin was looking good, sort of glowing!  I slept a bit better than the night before.

Day Three

Woke up with a headache, but not as bad as the day before.  Took my measurements again.  I had lost another 2lb in weight and 2 inches (a little off both chest and waist).  I knew the day would feel easier as I could start eating more.  I didn’t feel hungry all day.  I decided to do a half hour low impact dvd I had at home which was good fun but hard work!  Today I felt like I had more energy and I slept well.

Day Four

I woke up with a headache, but again not as bad as the day before. My daughter was cooking a bolognese at school, which was great as I realised I could still eat it if I had a smaller portion than usual. The 600 calorie meal can be anything as long as the food is made from scratch (not processed) and within the calorie allowance. I wasn’t trying to lose weight so I didn’t count the calories too strictly, I just had about half the portion I normally ate.  I think I was getting used to the milkshakes as they actually started to taste better.  I defiantly felt I had more energy and I noticed that my head felt very clear.  I was starting to get a lot of things I normally put off done.  I didn’t exercise today as I worked a long day and just didn’t feel like I could fit it in.

Day Five

Today for the first time I woke up without a headache. I felt like I had finally started to get over my cold and I felt brighter in myself with good energy.  I did half an hour of equipment Pilates today which felt great.

Day Six

Took my measurements today. I had lost another 1lb and 3/4 inch (off bicep and thigh).  I still felt better in myself, more energy, clear headed and was still achieving lots.  I felt really on top of things at work and at home.  I also noticed my mood was calmer and I felt generally more relaxed. Once again I had a very long and busy day at work so I didn’t fit any exercise in. I noticed that I was starting to sleep better.

Day Seven

In the morning I was rushing around and realised I felt a little light headed and my energy levels felt very low.  I decided to join in the yoga class that was running, I thought this would be relaxing and after doing that and eating a little extra fruit I felt a lot better.  Today was the last day of a busy first working week after Christmas, so I just put how I had felt down to being a bit tired.

Day Eight

Today I was on a First Aid course so I had to take my food with me.  This worked out fine as they had a fridge I could put my milkshake in and I took some fruit from my free foods list.  I tried mixing my milkshake powder with coconut milk and was pleased to find that it tasted and mixed up much better than with almond milk. I felt good, clear headed, my energy level were back up and I could really concentrate during the course. I didn’t do any exercise as it had been a long day but I slept the best I had so far.

Day Nine

I started the day with my last weigh and measure.  I had lost another 1lb and was really surprised to discover I had lost another 4 1/4 inches (bicep, waist and hips).  As it was my final day I was allowed to add a 300 calorie meal at lunch time instead of having a shake, I thought this could have been to help you to get ready for go back to normal eating. I was out for the whole day so took an energy bar and some extra fruit with me.  I felt happy and motivated by my weight loss and inches.  I didn’t do any exercise, but slept very well.


I felt the 9 day cleanse was a great success and a great kickstart to my year.  It was easy to stick to and I never really felt hungry or as if I was missing out on anything.  I felt my aims were met, I now have more energy, my digestive system seems to be working well and I defiantly feel well again.  Having to exercise everyday has made me feel like getting back into exercise and I’m now trying to stick to my half hour a day. I suffered a lot with headaches last year which seem to have gone and I’m sleeping better.  I’ve decided to carry on cutting down on dairy, sugar and alcohol and have cut out caffeine altogether.  I’m trying to eat smaller meals in the evenings when I eat late after teaching and stay away from processed foods.  After eating fruit every day from the free food list I am now eating fruit more regularly.  I was very pleased with my total weight loss of 4lb and 7 inches!  I wasn’t particularly trying to lose weight it was more about the cleanse for me, but I still feel it was a great achievement.  I’m not sure how long all these changes will last but I hope they are the start of a new healthier and fitter me.

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